HomePiano Novel is an explorer and a composer of atmospheres.

Perfectly blending neo-classical piano with ambient and electronic accents, Novel offers a great personal soundtrack to the listeners and invites them on his journey from the immensity of space to an uninhabited Earth. Deep walks in nature and long nights spent stargazing served as inspiration for the pianist, whose music is a tribute to the environment. Growing up on a remote island characterized by a lush and dense vegetation, both nature and the cosmos have infused Piano Novel’s music with poetry and an ecological reflection that goes beyond the will to protect our beloved planet: it’s all about the relationship between mankind and nature, and the quest for symbiosis with our eco-system. Although one could be easily tempted in this day and age to associate these thoughts with destruction and disaster, Novel’s music is all about optimism, hope, humility and harmony. Harmony is also the reason why Piano Novel’s alter-ego wears a mask. Made of mirror fragments arranged together to form a leaf, the mask allows him to become the reflection of his environment.

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